Eager but unprepared

Hmm! Early this year after the “happy new year celebration”I started seeing the phrase “This decade”on social media. In the mood of the festive period I joined them too. My message was very simple “In this new decade most of us will be becoming wives, husbands, fathers and also mothers”.

After the festive period celebration was over, reality set in.
How well have I served the Lord? Do I really know Him? Am I enjoying or just enduring this unique phase of my life? Friends, answer those questions for yourselves too.

We are emotionally anxious but not prepared, most of us (myself inclusive) thought we can just stroll with time and soon our soulmate will be knocking at the door smiling with roses/ring in his hand or with smiles and approvals in her mouth and face. Look, if you are just preparing when you should be ready, you are already late.

This is one of the best phases of our lives and our utmost desire at this time should be “getting busy for the Lord”1 Cor 7:25 But I would have you without carefulness. He that is unmarried careth for the things that belong to the Lord, how he may please the Lord:“not waiting for innocent people who will complete us or cover our mess.

Be single means becoming whole and finding out your uniqueness is the real key to happiness in marriage — Myles Monroe, this is a unique phase of our life and it is as though some of us are wasting it.

We all want godly relationships and homes but we do not want to develop godly character! Errant nonsense I call this, because only godly character begets godly relationships. No man wants a liability, an asset is what everyone longs to have.

Let me whisper this in your ears “You can only love a woman/man as much as you love God

One of my brothers in Christ once said and I quote “Forget marriage why not prepare yourself for yourself”, what does that mean? Discover what God will have you do and prepare yourself with His help.

I round off with a quote from Myles Munroe “Until you do not need marriage to complete you, you are not ready for marriage“.

34 thoughts on “Eager but unprepared”

  1. Hmm, loving God really matters, that’s how we can build a great relationship.. Thank you for this message!


  2. Great! The way to prepare for your partner is to work on yourself and serve the lord. Great piece


  3. Thanks for the gentle reminder that the time of singleness is really the time to be more productive and proactive.
    Well written, brother!
    Great grace!


  4. Wao
    This is great and instructional
    To corroborate sir, I will say it takes to two Right to really make a Right, it follows simple mathematics rule that says – * + = – .

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    1. If you can go through the creation story in the garden of Eden,Adam was just busy with what God had created him to do….The Lord then pointed out to the fact that he was alone.

      It is God who tell one when it is time.


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