In this post, I am sharing another lockdown experience. It is my prayers that by this we will learn to lean more on Jesus.

I was having my Industrial Attachment Training (This is a training in Nigeria students are sent to different industries or institutes to bridge the gap between the classroom and the industry, this is most after the long academic sessions of higher institutions. It is somewhat similar to internship )  before the lockdown started. Due to the lockdown, students and some members of staff of the organization where I had my training had to stop coming to work. We were told to stay home (and this lasted for 6 months). After the lockdown was eased, I resumed but upon resumption I was informed that I can’t continue and I went to my supervisor to talk to him about. He told me that I couldn’t continue and that all I had to do is to get a letter stating that I finished the training (this in it sense will defeat the purpose of the training). Immediately I heard this, I tried explaining to my supervisor but all to no avail. I went home and I told my parents about it.

I am probably ” the world’s most anxious man”  but I remember God’s Word in the book of Isaiah chapter 26 vs 3…..”You will keep in perfect peace all who trust in you, all whose thoughts are fixed on you

Immediately, I held on to the word and prayed about the matter (it was a very very short prayer) and I just told God that I don’t know what He wants to do but He should walk things out the right way.

I felt at ease after the prayer, then I got a message from a senior colleague at work, I told him what my supervisor said and he felt helpless. After the chat with him, I decided to encourage myself in the Lord like David did in 1 Samuel 30 vs 6b and I messaged my supervisor. He didn’t reply the message, I put a call through to him a few days after and he told me to resume back. Joy, oh joy!

There are times when our plans don’t materialize and it seems as though things are not working out the way they should but God wants us to trust Him and rest on Him in perfect peace (the peace that transcends all understanding). He wants us to operate from a place of trust and total dependency in His sufficiency.

If we will stop worrying about anything and instead pray about everything, tell Him what we need and thank God for what He has done. We will experience His peace which goes beyond that which we can understand. His peace will guard our hearts and minds as we live in Christ (See Philippians 4:6-7, check different versions).

I end with an excerpt from the writing of my favourite role model; Steve Farrar  “in him we live and move and have our being. Acts 17:28” There is the reason for an untroubled heart. This is the medicine for whatever might be troubling your heart right now. No matter how hopeless our immediate circumstances, no matter how depressing our future may look, we are to believe in God the Father and His Son”.

We are a family, do well to share your experiences in the comments box. Your experience might be the answer someone has been waiting for, feel free to share.

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For our country, we know that our God is up to something. We may not see it yet but we will not be weary and discouraged. Our country will be the Lord’s

10 thoughts on “Rest”

  1. Thank you very much sir. I had a similar but different experience too. All I can say is that it pays to commit everything to God in prayer. He always has a way planned out for His own


  2. Whao! This is so timely!👌 How sweet is it to understand that God already has a provision for all that we may be anxious about.

    “Casting ‘all’ (not some of those cares) our cares upon Him (Jesus), because He cares for us, lives in us and is interested in our wellness” (1Peter5:7 ; paraphrased).

    Well-done Sir! More Grace In Jesus Name.

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