Slowly but powerfully

 I recently spoke with a friend about evaluating our lives to see how far and how well we have gone. You know when you check things like this most times you see that you are still far behind.

Most believers want a very fast growth, we are just eager and impatient to see ourselves doing well in little time but I have seen that God works strangely and slowly but He knows what He is doing with our lives.

You remember the story of Joseph in the bible, he was sold to a strange land even when he was just a teen and he spent many years there stranded and helpless, little did he see God’s hand. He must have thought God had left him.

Joseph did good but could not see progress, he served his master faithfully but still ended in the prison. 

We must not despise these little beginnings… (Zech 4:10a)

We must remember that God works slowly but powerfully so far we are consistent in what we are doing, we can be sure we will have something to show for it.

I wish to share some of Steve Farrar’s thoughts on this🔻

God did not scout our future, He planned it (and that even before the beginning of the world).

Our life may look over but it is not yet ended.

I end with some of the words of Isaac Newton

It may look as though you have learnt so little but “God does not teach us all at once but by degrees” and “God works powerfully but for most part gently and gradually”.

Finally, a believer is not of hasty growth like a mushroom but rather like Oaks, the progress is hardly seen but in time becomes a deep-rooted tree.

This is not a cause to be lazy but an understanding that ….”you will grow as you learn to know God better and better (Col 1:10b, NLT)

You can listen to Seasons by Hillsong, click the link below to listen https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=1e0tpYn0_YHMBG5HSpwBKlnum7wOpPdq7

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10 thoughts on “Slowly but powerfully”

  1. Truee.. God is concerned about how deep we are in His Truth. Growing deep takes time.

    Thank you for this read

    PS: I love that song ‘seasons’. The lyrics puts it all in perspective ❤️


  2. Many believers need this words… Me for one…. The book Sermon on the Mount by John Wesley opened my eyes to this truth very recently…


  3. God does nothing in hasty. In learning spiritual principle it must be lines upon lines precept upon precept.
    Thanks Bro Abimifoluwa


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