Ecosystem Engineers

I remember checking a subject on Ecology and I saw a term called “ecosystem engineers”. I was so interested so I checked for the meaning. These are organisms that create significant changes in a habitat, they have large impacts on their environment. We have many like these all over the scriptures, men who God used to turn things around for good.

God is great and mighty though sometimes it looks as though we are not too sure of it and like Moses we sometimes doubt God’s power, greatness, wisdom and might.

The story of Esther greatly intrigues me. It is bewildering how Queen Vashti was removed, replaced with Esther so the Israelites could be saved. The words of Mordecai makes me wonder how God works “Who knows if perhaps you were made queen FOR JUST A TIME AS THIS?”  – Esther 4:14b, NLT.

Can you recall the story of Joseph’s slavery in Egypt? Then explain to me how God made Joseph the second ruler after Pharaoh just to save and preserve his family who happened to be the lineage of covenant. Joseph testified of God’s wisdom planned and executed long long ago ” God has sent me ahead of you to keep you and your families alive and to preserve many survivors”- Genesis 45:7, NLT

You remember the story of Nehemiah in King Cyrus Palace? Explain to me how Nehemiah became the king cupbearer in a strange land. See how God made it work out. 

A man once said “God always has a strand of Oaks that are obscure and away from the view of everyone except Him, He plants and cultivates them years before they are needed”. This is the case here, God placed Nehemiah in the palace so that he could use the greatest influence on the earth at that time to build the ruins of Jerusalem. To think that Nehemiah was able to get permission to travel back home (he even went with the king’s military support too) and also got timbers for the temple is even mind-blowing (Nehemiah 2). Really, God’s sponsored projects never lack.

I have seen men who are just like these all over the scriptures and really I have come to the conclusion that God can never be stranded. God once asked Moses ” Has my arms lost its power?” -Numbers 12:23b, NLT.  It is a no, He is all powerful.

God is an expert in bringing light out of darkness; bringing something out of nothing; bringing out possibility from impossibility. God will even raise people and even equip them in the compound of His enemies ( think about Joseph, Moses, Mordecai, Esther, Daniel, Nehemiah etc). “He does great things too marvelous to understand…. ” Job 9:10, NLT

You are not here at this time by mistake, you are here FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS.

Let’s say this confession together “I will not give up because God is working at the backstage” “Even when I don’t see it, He is working, even when I don’t feel it, He is working, He never stops working”.

Don’t forget to engage the comments box, your shared experience could be what someone needs to hear.

P. S: I want to appreciate my editor. Her “midas touches” are evident on the posts. Thank you Komolafe IyanuOluwa.

4 thoughts on “Ecosystem Engineers”

  1. Great write-up. Truly God always works ahead of time, and even when we don’t see it He’s working! God bless you bro. More Grace to your pen.


  2. Whao whao whao! I really love this. The fact that God NEVER gets stranded in getting vessels/ways to establish His will (over our lives) is really amazing! This is why we can be assured that He (God) is making all things to work for our good.

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