Not an accident I

Good day beloved,How are you today? This is my first post here and my new blog.

I will be talking about something profound today.We are in a world of varying opinions on different matters even to the point of our appearance, some of us like tall people, some short people,some slim people,some fat people,some people who are dark in complexion, some people who are fair in complexion,some love people with round face,some people with oblong face,some people with square shape face,some prefer the curly hair while some prefer the blonde hair.

All this preferences are not a problem in themselves but you know the human is naturally selfish,we love our opinions and we just go ahead to rubbish what others hold on to

Have you ever been at the receiving end? Were you ever dismissed because of your height? Have you suffered discrimination because of your race or colour? Have you suffered rejection for who you are?

If your answer is yes,when this happened to you,what was your response? What did you do?

What do you do when the devil taunt you with some features or details of your life you do not seem to like?

Drop your response in the comments box

To be continued

6 thoughts on “Not an accident I”

  1. Well said….it was actually a issue with my height,when you start hearing people qualifying my height with yoruba adjectives that are funny but abusive…I just kind of start falling love with myself and see it as a gift instead of what they said it is ..so I think our mindeset about who God says we are matters….’i am beautifully and wonderfully made..”

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  2. Well done! As long as we define who we are based on what people say, we’ll keep feeling bad and we’ll be affected by whatever negative things they say about our appearance. Until we begin to see ourselves in the light of who God says that we are in Christ because that’s our true reality. 😍

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