Stick closer 3

Hello! Welcome to the last part of this series. Thank you following through. We looked at two ways in which we can forge friendship after our discovery in the last writeup, you can read up if you are just joining us. This time around I will be talking about other ways of forging friendship. Come with me.

I call one of these ways “Candour” or what we can also call honesty. In this context, it is the ability to say the truth no matter how painful what we have to say or hear might sound.  A good friend is not afraid of what really needs to be said because in friendship, confrontations are made in love.An open rebuke is better than hidden love! Wounds from a sincere friend are better than many kisses from an enemy” – Proverbs 27:5-6, NLT. Hiding and covering up the truth looks like the work of an enemy. Why say the truth? A lot of times this helps us get an accurate view of ourselves, a man cannot see his nose by himself. We think we are right until someone points out our attention to a flaw. I remember a scenario where a particular sister walked up to me to tell me what a lot of people around couldn’t say, I was so glad and I have seen then be working on that particular flaw, although it wasn’t so easy but I saw her sincerity and attitude. I am so grateful for experiences like this.”To flatter friends,is to lay a trap for their feet”- Proverbs 29:5, NLT . Not saying the truth to one’s friend is seeing as being evil (laying a trap before their feet) for their decisions will be based on who they think they are and that will be disastrous.

  Tim Keller says “The more powerful, popular and rich you are the more likely your friends do this act of not saying the truth to you“. He also says and I quote Honesty says ” I cannot afford to not say the truth to you” while sensitivity says ” I know I might cause you pain saying the truth but I will also feel this pain”.

The last one here with me is “counsel“, real and close friends do this. They give reassuring and sweet counsels (The holy spirit is the greatest counselor like no other).  The heartfelt counsel of a friend is as sweet as perfume and incense – Proverbs 27:9, NLT. The counsel of one’s friend is refreshing.

Friends always let you in (honesty/candour and counsels) and never let you down (consistency and sensitivity).

I beg to say that we cannot have as many friends with these qualities because it is not really an easy task, it is not easy to be the “Bible kind of friend or the Christian kind of friend”. It requires a lot of work.

We sometimes ask for friends like this but that is where we get it wrong, we should rather try to be friends like this. “We don’t have enough friends because we ourselves are not being friends — Tim Keller”. We have a perfect example of a friend; Jesus Christ, a friend who deemed it fit to die on the cross and even go to hell just to gain his wayward friends, kai what an extravagant love. He has given us the template of what friendship means and also the power to become a friend just like him.

Thank you for following through, to read previous write-ups on this series, click for the  First part and Second part of the series 

Please, I’d like to see you in the comments box, your answer or shared experience can be an answer to someone’s question or dilemma.

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